Peer Bode Collection Available Through Video Data Bank

Following shortly on that information about our Randall Chair, we have more exciting news: Peer Bode, Professor of Video Arts and Co-Director of the Institute for Electronic Arts, now has a large collection of his work featured in the Video Data Bank.

The Video Data Bank is a collection of videos by and about contemporary artists, featuring more than 500 artists and 5,500 video art titles.  The Peer Bode collection is a set of thirteen “pioneering works” by Bode from 1976-1985.  In these works, Bode investigates “the semiotics and phenomenology of the medium, specifically through the synthesis of audio and visual signals.”  In his own words: “I am maneuvering through the ecstasy of communication, information and databases, i.e. new Millennial forms.

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These are the next powers and spaces of the bodymind, of re-territories, of bringing people together.”

Congratulations to Professor Bode!

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